5K XC Race

The 5K Cross Country Race

Ryan smiling and happy in his occasional spot at the timing table .

The first race is the 5K cross country race. This is a true cross country course with a wide path and rolling hills. If you have run here before you may remember spots like “Sleepy Hollow”, the “Super Highway “and the “Gollywhoppers”. This is Maine Maritime Academy Cross Country Teams’ Home Course and one of Ryan’s favorites.

5K Croc Race

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The 5K Croc Race

Ryan wearing his Crocs given to him as a gift by members of the Maine Maritime Academy Cross Country Team after they signed them.

Ryan was always excited to boast about his running in Crocs. I like to think that Ryan used some of his silliness to encourage others to have fun with running or whatever their passions were. I also believe that Ryan thought that Crocs legitimately had their place in running. Whatever his reasons, I know he would be tickled to think of us hosting an actual 5K in Crocs. Do you have what it takes to hold the fastest time in Crocs on the Festival of Champions Course? (off brand croc style shoes are just fine too!)